GM and Black: General Motors Turn the Corner

We have some good news to report to you now, as it has been confirmed that General Motors Corp has finally made a profit in the last quarter, the first time in three years for the company.

As reported from The Epoch Times, the struggles of General Motors have been well documented in the last few years so, it is welcoming news for car owners that General Motors is finally starting to turn the corner.

Epoch Times reports that GM made a solid $865 million profit, which is a vast change in fortunes for the company, since the same period last year saw them record a $6 billion loss, followed by the bankruptcy filing last summer.

The automakers managed to shift 183,997 vehicles in the United States in April alone, which is an increase of 6 per cent from a year ago. Demand is now back on the up in most of the markets that GM operate in – a further sign that the company are well and truly heading in the right direction.

Are you pleased with the news or not? Full story through the link.



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