Final Alan Wake Trailer (Xbox 360): Building The Drama

By Jamie Pert - May 18, 2010

As you may already know the North American release of Alan Wake took place today, however I am sure there are plenty of gamers out there still debating whether or not to buy the Xbox 360 exclusive.

If you are one of these undecided gamers you may want to check out the final Alan Wake trailer, this trailer is called “Building the Drama” and has been embedded at the end of this post.

The trailer emphasizes the game’s mysterys and mind-games, to be honest the trailer is more like a thriller film trailer rather than a video game, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

So far reviews have been great for Alan Wake, if you check out Metacritic’s Alan Wake page you can find links to plenty of reputable reviews.

Did this trailer convince you to buy Alan Wake?

Source: JoyStiq

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