Capcom To Drop Bombshell At E3: Your Predictions?

By Jamie Pert - May 18, 2010

During an episode of Shack’s Weekend Confirmed podcast, host Garnett Lee suggested that Capcom have something huge up their sleeve, and aim to drop the news at the upcoming E3 event.

“I’m not going to spill it because I don’t want to make anyone mad, but boy their E3 bombshell puts that to test,” he said.

You can find this quote around the 1:59:10 mark of the show. But what could this “bombshell” possibly be? A Project Natal Natal title? Development of Devil May Cry 5? A New Streetfighter? A new Resident Evil title? Bionic Commando 2 even?

Whatever it is, it has surely got the game world talking. But my gut feeling would be to go with something to do with Project Natal. Guess we wont know until E3.

What do you think the “bombshell” could be?

Source: VG247

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