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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 – Stimulus Pack Sets PSN Sales Record – PS3

Are you one of the one million gamers who downloaded the Stimulus Pack for Modern Warfare 2 on PS3? Well thanks to you, a new PSN record has been broken.

In its first week over one million different PlayStation gamers have downloaded the map pack. The Xbox 360 version has also sold very well, and has over-doubled that of the PSN with 2.5 million downloads in it’s first week on Xbox Live.

The news was shared by Robert Bowling, via his Twitter account where he said “Thanks to the 1 Million+ @playstation users who helped the Modern Warfare 2 Stimulus Package break day 1 & week 1 download records on PSN!

Infinity Ward and Activision also revealed that another package named the Resurgence Pack would also be released on June 3 on Xbox Live. Wonder how well that will sell?

Let us just inform you that for combined sales in the first week of 3.5 million downloads, at $15 each, leads to $50million. Crazy huh?

Source: VG247 via Made2Game



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