Call of Duty Black Ops: Pre-order goodies with GameStop

By Alan Ng - May 18, 2010

If you consider yourself to be a self-confessed Call of Duty fanatic, you might want to read the following details, as GameStop has confirmed their pre-order incentive for Call of Duty Black Ops.

As reported from GamersHell, the first 300,000 fans to pre-order the game from the retailer will receive a limited edition, two-sided giant Call of Duty Black Ops poster.

With the demand already sky high for this game, we expect these posters to shift like hot cakes. 300,000 isn’t really a big figure when you are talking about a new Call of Duty title launch.

We don’t have a preview of the poster to show you, but hopefully GameStop release more details about it soon, more goodies would be nice too.

Let us know your thoughts on this. Will you pre-order from GameStop or do you have another retailer in mind?

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  • jen

    When is this game coming out?

  • zach

    how weird is the construction site

  • Pat

    Instead of zombies it will b aliens and this noise on the phone is just morse code for something with area 51 and is new random box noise

  • koko

    the music is not from cod 5 zombies.. its maybe the new box music ? its rumored that the sounds in between the music is Morse code, translating to something with Area 51, and there is also something else having to do with the Element 115 from nazi zombies… the hints on the poster i think are just to say that there will be zombies in this one 🙂

  • BEN

    that little jingle on the phone is not morse code… but the mystery box tune from COD 5 nazi zombies…..

  • justin

    i think that in between the spurts of music is morse code, but not sure. there is also an IP address in the top left

  • SEan

    i called the number. what the hell!!!!

  • N/A

    I already got the poster. Its pretty cool.

    • N/A

      I got the poster it is pretty AWESOME!

    • Jason

      There's a hidden phone number in the lower right portion of the poster. It's an 877 number… plays some weird music. Might mean something? It's 877-386-4270