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Sprint HTC Hero 2.1 Android Update: Video Guide

Following on from the leak of the official HTC Hero update to Android OS 2.1 for Sprint users, we now have a video guide to show you, just in case some of you are still worried about harming your handset.

As reported from EuroDroid, the video comes to us courtesy of DroidDog, who have compiled a very useful video tutorial, aimed at helping you install the 2.1 update on your Hero without minimum hassle.

Once again, this is the OFFICIAL update here guys. It just hasn’t been made available on Sprint’s support pages yet. If you are yet to try the upgrade, this video should be able to help you out.

Watch it below and then let us know your thoughts on it. Did it help you to upgrade?


  • ARS

    To get your phone synced to your computer you will first need to DL the syncing application that is provided by sprint in their Hero Update page. you will see two released, on in April and the new 2.1 Update… download the one in April first and then proceed to the 2.1 Update.

  • Greg

    Hero's processor cannot handle Live Wallpaper or Google 3D maps…thats all hardware related

  • Jeff

    when updating, do you loose all of you contacts store on the phone as well as the previously downloaded apps? If so, how would you back them up to restore once the upgrade was complete?

    • CAS

      contacts are deleted from your phone but if you use the HTC sync and/or sync your contacts with your gmail account . they come right back. Apps will be deleted and you will have to download them again. Andriod market has apps that will back up your contacts and apps, if you don't use gmail or htec Sync.

  • GAndi

    European users do NOT update! It has CDMA Radio not GSM .. I've just BRICKED my phone.

    • Foo392

      Duh! Do your research before you flash crap. Sprint & cellular south use CDMA.

  • Ian

    Works Great! Thanks a Million..

  • JWhip

    i did this and dont have live wallpapers

    • JWhip

      Ok posted this before i saw the end of the video. I WANT LIVE WALLPAPERS! lol

  • Donnie

    downloaded and installed HTC Sync. RUU not recognizing phone.

    • Jason

      mine did the same thing says there is no USB connection. how do you fix this?

      • anon

        read the readme. you need the SDK installed (more accurately, the usb drivers rev. 3)

  • Erick

    Sic, thank you!


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