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Sony Could Introduce Premium PlayStation Network At E3

With E3 coming up next month, all sorts of juicy details are splashing out on the Internet, and Sony are right at the forefront of these juicy rumors with news of an upcoming PSP2 and a paid-for-premium PSN.

Sony have yet to confirm the legitimacy of either the PSP2, or the premium PSN network, but sources are suggesting that Sony could potentially ask for approximately $70 (£50) for a years membership. This would include additional services that are already available to PlayStation users that could include a music service much like Spotify.

To make this sound more attractive to current PS3 gamers, rumors are also suggesting that Sony will allow the player to choose a PSN game for free. No, not a full retail game, but one that costs around $15.

It is not thought that users will have to upgrade to the premium version if it becomes reality, and the free sign-up services should still be available.

One thing they could fix though, would be the lag issues that plague a huge amount of PlayStation owners.

What are your thoughts on a premium PSN service?

Source: TheInquirer


  • ~ThE PrEdAtOr~

    This is good this is what sony should have done a long time ago and now xbox live wont be better and i am willing to pay if it dosent go down lets just wait and see at E3

  • JBDragon

    I know I'd be laughing my butt off if PAY turns out to be true!!! All this time bragging how the PSN was FREE unlike LIVE. That would no longer be the case. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  • Sonny Boy

    Funny, I never experience any lag on the PSN nor my multilayer games.

  • Sam

    This is a great idea! As long as they keep the free version available the serious players can purchase it and the less serious players can keep with the free! This will give sony a bit of money and they can start to try and do things that compete against microsoft and xbox.

  • JAJA

    i hope we get some premium avatars for free then aswell


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