Red Dead Redemption: PS3 Hard Drive Install Size

By Alan Ng - May 17, 2010

We have some good news for PS3 owners who are planning to pick up Red Dead Redemption, as we have the confirmed HDD install size, courtesy of a box art scan that has been released.

As reported from VG247, the install size is only 600MB – meaning that those of you still with the 20GB fat console, shouldn’t have to worry about hard drive space.

For such a big open-world game, this is pretty impressive you have to say – considering the mammoth sizes that have plagued the PS3 in the past – up to 5GB in some instances.

600MB confirmed though. Let us know your thoughts on this. The game is due out tomorrow in the U.S, Friday in Europe. You can check out some new gameplay footage here.

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  • tamer

    Not being able to install complete games to the hard drive is a joke, you can do it on the 360 no problem, Modnation racers suffers terrible load times which would be instantly cured if you could fully install the game.
    Why don't Sony just let you do it on the next firmware update as MS did…

    • anon

      could not agree more. do it now sony, loads of people want it.

  • Dragonmare

    That’s great! Not only do I have the stupid 40GB HDD still >> It has problem with installing games over 1GB xD This is fine then 😛 You said the PS3 has been plaqued with up to 5GB? Metal Hear Solid 4 is currently 6.7GB on my drive! xD

    Thank you for retrieving that info because I though “GTA was almost 4GB??… Red Dead Redemption has more going on so it’s bound to be more!” I guess not 😉

  • BottomSmacker

    Anybody with a 20gb original Jap or US unit and has KEPT that 20gb drive as their main PS3 HDD, really needs to be shot! xD

    Upgraded to 500gb HDD as soon as I could xD Only cost me £54 ^^

    • James

      You need to be shot bitch