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Red Dead Redemption: Impressive Reviews leaves UAE frustrated

Rockstar have a name for themselves in designing top-notch games, and with the reviews that have been released over the past few days on their latest title ‘Red Dead Redemption,’ gamers will not be able to shy away from it… unless you live in the UAE.

A report that comes from MEGamers states that the latest ‘game of the moment’ Red Dead Redemption will be banned in the UAE. If this report is true, then it will join the list of other popular games to be banned from the region such as Heavy Rain, Dante’s Inferno and Darksiders.

A retailer from the Arab region confirmed that the game had infact been banned by Rockstar San Diego western, but when asked to comment on the situation, Red Entertainment, a games distributor for the region said it had “no comment” to make. Rockstar or Take-Two are also yet to comment on the supposed banning in the UAE.

With a release coming tomorrow (May 18) in the US, and a UK and European release on Friday (May 21), will you be tempted to import the game if this turns out to be true? What are your feelings on top games such as RDR being banned from your region?

You can also view details of the upcoming free DLC for Red Dead Redemption via a previous post.

Source: VG247



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