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Read Dead Redemption: Boxart Suggests PS3 Release Will Feature Exclusive Content

One of the hottest topics this weekend has been Red Dead Redemption, this game has received extremely positive reviews, which in-turn has pretty much ensured that the game will be a success when the release date arrives.

The game will be coming to the Xbox 360 and PS3, however we have recently heard rumors suggesting that the PS3 version will perhaps feature additional content.

These rumors are backed up by the game’s boxart, if you check out the image at the end of the post you can see that the boxart features some text which reads “PlayStation 3 exclusive content includes: Solomon’s Folly Gang Hideout and Walton Gang Outfit”.

Although this additional content has not been officially confirmed it is hard not to believe, however as we hear of confirmation we will keep you posted.

For more details check out JoyStiq



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