Project Natal Xbox 360: Scandinavian Retailers Set $200 Price

By Jamie Pert - May 17, 2010

As sometimes happens, early reports and price leaks are scattered around the Internet for products and devices that have not officially hit the shelves yet, this seems to be the case with Microsoft’s upcoming Project Natal where a Scandinavian website has listed the product at around $200.

The actual price converted is 1499kr, which is translated to roughly $191. This price is pure speculation as we have no official word from Microsoft at how much Project Natal will be retailed at, but we are expected to get an announcement during the E3 event next month.

If the price is accurate, it will throw off first suggestions that the price of Natal would be around $100. But as stated above, we got to take the price with a grain of salt, as we do not know why or how the Scandinavian retailer got this assumed price.

Another reason not to believe the reports is that the $191 price is a simple conversion to dollars, and anyone that has any sort of background in conversions, is that US prices are usually lower than that of the direct conversion rates. One point of evidence points to game prices, as they are directly converted to around $80 in Scandinavia to $60 in the US.

How much do you think Project Natal will sell for?

Source: SlashGear

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