Nissan Leaf Pre-order Price Just $99

Nissan has already started taking pre-orders for its Leaf zero emission vehicle and is proud of the fact that they have exceeded 8,000 already in just nine days. Maybe it has something to do with the $99 pre-order price or that customers feel they are doing their bit to help save this fragile planet we live on.

Nissan hopes to complete 25,000 orders by December, and should hopefully be available to the masses by 2012. Although there is talk of a semi-wide release in the spring of 2011, which is needed as the buzz for the Nissan Leaf gains momentum.

If you have yet to pre-order your Nissan Leaf then there is no need to visit a local dealer – just visit the website and hand over your $99 refundable deposit. Engadget has learned from WSJ that those who have pre-ordered one of these electric vehicles will have to prove that they are up to the task of owning one.

Will you be getting a Nissan Leaf? Will it be a better option that a Toyota Prius?



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