Minivan Rap Song: Toyota tries to win back customers

There is no denying that Toyota has had a poor start to 2010, we are now entering the second half and still they are having recall issues with a number of their vehicles. The Japanese automaker has already come up with some incentives to try and win back customers, but is this latest Minivan Rap Song one of them?

There have been suggestions that this ad is racist and that it shows blacks as a stereotype. I hope that most of you do not see it like that and see it as just a bit of fun. Eminem acts just the same and he is not accused of being racist, watch the video below and see for yourself.

Toyota has to be desperate though if they think a white family rapping is enough to make the minivan look cool – they have either made a huge mistake or stumbled across something very clever.

The ad was uploaded to YouTube on May 16 and has already been viewed over 29,000 times – so it must have something.



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