HTC EVO 4G or BlackBerry Bold 9650 on Sprint?

By Alan Ng - May 17, 2010

We have yet more good news for Sprint customers now, as we can confirm that the BlackBerry Bold 9650 handset is now available to buy directly from Sprint online. Seems like you are now spoilt for choice.

As reported from BGR, customers looking to upgrade to the Bold 9650 should expect to pay $199 after a $100 mail-in rebate and subject to a two year agreement with Sprint.

If you want to pay a standalone fee for the handset, it will cost you $450 to do so. Does the handset offer enough for you to favor this over the HTC EVO 4G? Probably for the majority – it does not.

But then again, the BlackBerry never fails to gather their own select following in huge numbers, so it will be interesting to see just how many you will be picking this handset up instead of the EVO 4G.

Head to Sprint online here for further details. The EVO 4G launches on June 4th don’t forget!

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  • nikole

    i am 11 and for christmas i get to choose which one i want to no is the evo good for kids is the blackberry bold good for kids ? all my friends have blckberry and im scared that if it get the blackberry they will get the evo or iphone and me with this blackberry but i herd the evo hs alot of problems and the blackberry is good for work what about kids is it good for kids will i like it better and i just dont no what to pick please give me some of your opions so i can have a better chane of getting a phone and not regretting it please and thank u bye!!!!!!!!!

  • Harry A. Hole

    i think my evo was used when i got it. totally smelled like fart.

  • jle50570

    I have been debating this one since june. Feature wise the Evo packs so much for the same price as the bold. Granted I won’t have 4G but 8 gigs of memory and a 8MP camera plus google support is hard to beat. If the bold was less $$ would be better. I have been using my 8330 curve for over a year but BB has very little app support, its browser sucks and so does the camera. Plus side the BB is reliable and a real keyboard is so much more natural to use over a touch screen type. But $200 for the bold $200 for the Evo? I mean its like comparing an apple to an orange for the same $$ techies go for the Evo the rest who don’t like new tech go BB.

  • Linda

    I was on the fence also going between the EVO and the 9650. I finally looked at the pros and cons on both phones and the 9650 won hands down. I went for the 9650 because I did alot of research on both. I read more than one review on both and most people who have BB and bought the EVO gave it up in days and bought the 9650. Also alot of people are returning the EVO. They do not announce that of course. I chose the 9650 because I felt I should not have to pay $10 for something I can not use as of yet, also they are having trouble with the apps. and touch screen. I will wait until BB comes out with a 4G phone, which I have been reading will happen in Dec. and in Jan I am up for a upgrade. So I would go for the 9650 people. Enjo.

  • LukeyB

    I have the option to upgrade (from the Curve 8330) in August and I'm still on the fence. The one thing I use more than anything else is BBM, and although I'd like a 4G, awesome smartphone with Android (I have and love all things Google), I'm not sure the price and lack of a physical keyboard can win – not to mention the extra $10 and I'm not in a city that supports 4G yet.

  • alex huerta

    the evo's battery goes dead real quick and its really too bigthe apps are okay but you really have no use for them so i'm getting the bold again

  • Crockett

    I'm still on the fence; however I'm giving up my touch screen mogal PPC

  • Robert

    The Htc Evo and open source won me.

  • Growing tired of bgr getting credit when they did nothing. Others reported on this before them.

    My vote is Bold

  • AJ

    Uh, no thank you. I’m going with the EVO and I can’t wait to ditch my BlackBerry for it.