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HP Palm webOS Booting on PC: Slate next?

You have to hand it to PreCentral user cdowers, has he taken the very popular webOS and got it booting on a PC, which you can see for yourself in the video below. Now that we know that a standard version of webOS can boot from a Dell C600 – this makes us wonder if HP and Palm will now consider making a Slate device with webOS as its mobile operating system platform?

According to PreCentral, you have to take the webOS image from the emulator and then transfer it to an IDE hard drive – this means that the mobile OS is booting from a real machine and not a virtual one. So we now know that it is also possible for HP to have a netbook running on webOS, would this be something that you would like to see?

This would not be an easy task, as there would be a number of challenges to overcome. However, with both HP and Palm able to pull its resources together – we have to wonder if almost anything is possible now.

If Apple is able to make its iPhone OS run on its iPad tablet device, then running Palm’s webOS on HP’s Slate device would be a much better solution than running a full version of Window 7.


  • There are a few things to look at here:
    (1) HP (in my opinion) will still come out with the SLATE running Windows 7. Up until 3 weeks ago they were still coming out with reports and updates about the SLATE. They have lots of money and time invested in the SLATE and probably will try to recoup some of that.
    (2) There is rumor that HP is also making a smaller version (6 inch) of the SLATE nick named the HALF-PINT. This is rumored to be running Android OS. It’s possible that it could be swapped to run WebOS.
    (3) We have the rumor of the HP HURRICANE to be released in Q3. This is rumored to be running WebOS instead of the Windows 7.
    I think that HP will decide to do all 3. The reasons being are that they have lots of money and time invested in the SLATE and they realize they need something on the market as soon as possible. This will help them recoup some of the money invested. It will also help bring in some of the people out there who want a FULL OPPERATING SYSTEM and not a phone based OS.
    They probably see a need to bring a smaller more portable version to the market (but not to be mistaken for a phone…. hence the HP HALF-PINT). If this is running WebOS, this will be two fold. (1) it will bring a phone operating system to market for HP and more importantly (2) this will give WebOS a few months to have the APPs developed before the HP HURRICANE is released onto the market.
    At that time HP will have a full version, fully integrated SLATE type device on market that will be able to compete with the iPad for market share.

    As of now, iPad is ahead of the game with the iPhone OS only in the APPs department. HP needs some time to develop and test the HURRICANE. HP also needs to get something on the market as soon as possible at the same time trying to recoup some of the money that was invested in the SLATE.
    This is why I think that HP will do all three.

  • toothman

    'pool' their resources together


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