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Green Day: Rock Band: More Popular Than The Beatles: Rock Band

With only a few weeks until the release of Green Day: Rock Band, publisher MTV Games have said that the reasoning behind picking less “classic rock” oriented band for their next release is due to much more gamers being familiar with Green Day than The Beatles.

”We are expecting higher sales”, MTV Games GM Scott Gutherie said. The reasoning behind it is that the core audience who actually play the Rock Band games are much more familiar with Green Day music than they are with The Beatles. The bracket that Gutherie put on their audience is from 16-34 year old males, which makes sense to me.

One significant market advantage that the Green Day: Rock Band game does have over it’s predecessor is that it functions and links with Rock Band’s existing music-library, and also it’s tracks are exportable to their respective hard drives on the PS3 and Xbox 360. Which is unlike The Beatles version, as it was a standalone project that went against the ethos of other Rock Band titles.

Will you be purchasing the Green Day: Rock Band game? Check out the tracklist on a previous post here.

Source: JoyStiq


  • Yeah because Rock Band and Green Day are solely meant for boys, shame on you MTV Games!


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