Flickpad: New Facebook photo app for Apple iPad

By Gary Johnson - May 17, 2010

Users of Facebook can now get a great new app for their iPad that will enable them to view new photos that their friends have posted that day. Flickpad 1.5 has been designed especially for the iPad and makes discovering newly posted photos on Facebook fun and easy.

Released by Shacked Software LLC the app on startup allows users to instantly view any new photos that have been posted that day. Two taps and the user gets all the photos for an album, one further tap and the user gets all the photos by that friend.

Flickpad allows users to simply flick a photo they do not like off the screen so a new one can be viewed, if they like a photo they can just touch it with two fingers to save it for later. Photos can also be easily emailed. A new version has already been submitted with new enhancements like adding comments to photos.

Flickpad 1.5 is on the App Store for $4.99. Requires iPad with OS 3.2 or later.

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