Auto Sales Fall: Car Safety or Deals?

By Alan Ng - May 17, 2010

We have some news for car owners in Europe now, as it has been reported that new car registrations in Europe have fallen in April from a year ago – which is the the first time a drop has occured the following year in 10 months.

As reported from the BBC, fresh figures have been obtained by the European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association ACEA and concluded that 1.14 million cars were registered – a 7.4% drop compared to last year.

ACEA have said that recent government schemes were to blame for the drop, schemes which were ultimately brought into place to boost sales. But after these programmes had finished or were coming to an end, sales started to drop in year-on-year figures.

What are your thoughts on the drop in sales? Do you really think that these government schemes are to blame, or do you think other factors have contributed to the drop – i.e the constant flow of vehicle recalls.

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