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Walt Disney World iPhone App v2.7: Another Update

A great app for visitors of Walt Disney World has just received an update. World Disney World Notescast 2.7 for the iPhone and iPod Touch contains in-depth interactive information and a vast collection of photos.

Released by Portland based TimeStream Software, the app is a great vacation planner for people visiting Disney, it covers almost everything of the entire resort and all four theme parks. With over 500 superb photos and 300 pages of information the app provides a complete guide to Disney.

This latest update includes information on the constantly changing and exciting new shows on the parks. Some of the information includes guides for guests with disabilities, hidden Mickey tours, Disney’s Magical Express, what’s new, what’s coming, and much more.

The app is downloaded straight to the device so no internet connection is needed to use the information. The developer has other Disney Notescast that includes Walt Disney World Secrets Gold, Disneyland Park, and Disneyland Secrets Gold.

Walt Disney World Notescast 2.7 is on the App Store for only $3.99. Requires iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch with OS 2.1 or later.


  • MyQuestBe

    The photography in the new "Walt Disney World Guide Notescast" Version 3.0 app (December 2010) is stunning! Over 750 high-quality photos, plus over 300 pages of in-depth information.


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