HTC EVO 4G: Unboxing Packaging before Release Date

By Alan Ng - May 16, 2010

We have some good news for the millions of you planning to pick up the HTC EVO 4G handset from Sprint, as we have some unboxing photos to show you – weeks ahead of the June 4th release date.

As reported from Android Community, the photos may be of some surprise to you, as the packaging reveals a food ‘takeout’ style, rather than packaging which portrays one of the hottest phones on the planet at the moment.

As for the HTC EVO 4G box on the outside , it is pretty eye-catching and you can also see the QIK logo featured at the bottom, which is a reminder that QIK is Sprint’s partner who allows you to use the EVO’s front facing camera for video calls.

What are your thoughts on the packaging for the HTC EVO? Are you disappointed with the TV Dinner style design or not?


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