Coffee and Soda: Colon cancer not a worry

Upon reading this article I have now started to worry a little, but that is what all these articles are about. It seems that if you drink too much coffee or soft drinks then you increase the risk of colon cancer. Tea was also linked to the illness but has a lower risk.

According to Reuters, a new research study shows that cancer rates can vary by as much 25 times in certain countries – with lifestyles being the main cause. These include what we drink, as tea, coffee and soda all contain a number of substances that promote cancer. The report goes on to say that if you cut certain sugar-sweetened beverages from your diet then you can greatly reduce the risk of cancer.

More than 700,000 people have been studied over a 20-year period on their dietary habits, all this information was then used to formulate this study. We have to wonder if this is going too far, before long we will only be able to drink water and eat lettuce leaves.

Upon reading this study further there seems to be conflicting reports from other studies, so how do we know what one is true? I will stick to drinking my coffee; I do not smoke or drink alcohol, so coffee as my only pleasure.



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