Call of Duty: Black Ops (PC): Dedicated Servers for all your needs

By Alan Ng - May 16, 2010

Some fantastic news for PC gamers now, as it has been confirmed that the upcoming Call of Duty: Black Ops title will have support for dedicated servers, unlike the previous CoD title on PC.

As reported from MTV, Treyarch boss Mark Lamia confirmed the news in a recent interview with CVG. In a statement which is sure to delight PC owners, he had this to say:

“I don’t see any reason not to see them unless… well, I just don’t see any reason not to.”. He also continued to go into specifics on the dedicated servers by adding: “We do work very hard to reconcile the desire to manipulate and modify those dedicated servers with offering them the persistent experience and benefits that the console system provides. ”

It seems as if Treyarch doesn’t fancy a PC backlash like Infinity Ward received when they decided not to use dedicated servers for Modern Warfare 2. Smart move we think.

Let us know your thoughts on this. Are you happy with the news or not?

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  • You only have to pay if you want to run your own server, ranked servers for $15/month unranked $1/month

  • Mod_Evasive

  • Johnnnn

    If u have to pay for the dedicated severs I don’t want them because it was not that bad with out them they should give u choose if u want it or not because some people will be pissed if u have to pay

  • Wingnut

    If steam has anything to do with it i wont be buying.

    • mee too

      • Big Boss


    • MSU_Alum

      If this DOESNT come out on steam, I won't be buying it. 🙂

  • Lucid Enigma

    I believe pc gamers might also be pleased to hear that Black Ops also has DirectX 11 support?

    If software companies need to port across platforms they should start at the higher tech level and work down not just start at the lower, most popular end of the consoles or lower spec pcs.

    I’m all for supporting lower spec as much as possible but not building the industry around it so much. Today’s consoles use yesterday’s pc technology but today’s pc tech is simply not being supported adequately or developed upon and the people playing at the forefront of that technology are not getting their money’s worth.

    • Andrew

      Thats the price of an early adopter

  • Henry

    I could care less about dedicated servers. I am very concerned with IW's attitude though, which is why I sold all my shares. I don't want to own a company that sabotages their own bottom line.

  • Spectral_knight_

    It astounds me even playing cod6 on my ps3 how bad the lag is on a kill. Even when played back in the game winning killcam there is a distinct time lapse between shot fired and ballistic impact. We all know that there are different isp's with differing latency, upload speeds and traffic shaping. Seriously, which dumbass decided to make the gaming experience spoiled by varying host on every game – even console gamers need a dedicated cluster of servers !

  • LG guy

    What could have been a wonderful game was rendered mediocre by the lack of dedicated servers and choosing to not use punkbuster. Never have I seen such blatant cheating as on MW2 and no interest on the part of IW to do anything about it. Astounding. They made their $$ and can't care less about the quality of IW net or the cheating.

    Bring on Black Ops and dedicated servers!

  • carl

    i never went to bad company after cod 6…. i just went back to cod2 and i am still enjoying it to this day

  • Krakken, the point that I was trying to make is that IW have done the damage by messing with COD6 and many many PC gamers didn't buy it because of the dedicated server situation. What they kept going on about was the fantastic campaign mode, personally I don't even bother with campaign, I buy the game for the multiplayer experience. My son had COD6 for his PS3 and we both agreed that the campaign storyline was very poor and confusing, it didn't make any sense
    I agree with you. Treyarch have never let us down, but after the IW fiasco many loyal COD fans have moved over to the BATTLEFIELD games and are enjoying them so much that Treyarch are going to have to come up with something special to win them back.

    This isn't Treyarchs fault, it was IWs. It's like the old saying 'If it aint broke, don't fix it'. COD was pulling in the money and every type of console gamer was reasonably happy, but IW had to mess with it, even after a 400,000 signed petition to say how dissatisfied PC gamers were at the way that IW were messing with it they still continued regardless.

    When I said good luck Treyarch I wasn't being sarcastic, I truly meant that I wish them luck.

  • Krakken

    I honestly do not see the hassle. I am an avid PC gamer, i played COD 6 and was terribly dissapointed with it. However, Treyarch are not IW and i should thing that IW will continue not to have dedicated servers for the PC if in fact they stick with the PC. However, Treyarch so far haven't let us down and they should keep going making the games and people need to seperate IW with Treyarch because they are only sister companies working for the same people, they have different people working in the company.

  • Its good that dedi servers are being taken seriously and that PC gamers are being listened too this time by Treyarch and that they have learned by IW bullheaded attitude of 'This is what you are getting, like it or leave it'. Well, many many PC gamers left it!!

    There are a lot of gamers and clans who prefer their own server rules, i.e. Sniper only, no vehicles, knife only. My own clan (Booze Brothers had a dedicated server that banned the use of noob tubes, rocket launchers and tanks on WAW. Other servers were rifle only etc etc. These particular servers were more popular than the 'Anything goes' servers where gamers relied on gaming skill and map knowledge to win rather than pure noob tube luck.

    I hope that the damage hasn't been done by IW and that Treyarch can win back the PC gamer, but they have to work hard to achieve this. Many ex COD gamers that boycotted MW2 are now playing on BFBC2 (My own clan included) and are thoroughly enjoying it, though those with lower end systems are struggling to run the game, and it will be a tough battle to drag them away and back to COD.

    The main talking point with BFBC2 over COD is the in game use of squad roles. Four members of a squad working well together within a side of sixteen other players, also in squads, makes it a real team effort to achieve objectives. Also map sizes, the maps in the COD games are very limited, whereas in the Battlefield games they are huge and those gamers who don't like noob tubes, snipers, vehicles etc etc happily accept them due to the huge size of the battlefield, much like the old Delta Force games, I have even been seen to jump in a tank or a helicopter now and again and I am an old die hard footslogger and rifle gamer.

    Good luck Treyarch, I wish you well in trying to win back the PC gamer. If the game is as good as the word says it is then We as a clan will be buying it, but the map size WILL have to improve over the map sizes in all the other COD games because WE as die hard PC gamers have had a taste for bigger maps and better teamplay and it tastes real good..


  • [BHC]Pud

    to late i'll be buying medal of honor thanks but no thanks