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Apple and Adobe Flash Feud: Web Advertising Campaign

Adobe has come under attacks from Apple recently, so to keep up with this ongoing Flash feud, the former has begun a web based ad campaign along with an open letter written by its co-founders. Chuck Geschke and John Warnock only mention Apple by name once in the letter, but it is clear to see that it is in response to Steve Jobs and his attack on the Flash Player a few weeks back.

It came as no surprise that both Geschke and Warnock gave praise to Adobe, saying that they were a leader in open markets. They went on to say that both its PDF and Flash technology offered users free choice. Read the exact quote of what Adobe had to say on Apple on MacVideo.

The website goes on to explain that an analyst suggests that Adobe has started the wrong campaign, Michael Gartenberg reckons that all the talk on open and closed markets is not important, which you can also read in more detail from the link in the paragraph above.

Both Geschke and Warnock also went on to talk about Apple’s choice to ban software built that uses an Adobe tool from the iTunes App Store – although in an indirect way this time. This row is certain to go on for some time, one that Apple will never back down from. Jobs have made his choice, and thee will be no going back.



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