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Playstation Move Vs Project Natal: Release Date Edge for Sony

Some exciting news to bring you now, as a gadget tv show presenter over in the UK has revealed that Sony’s upcoming motion controller Playstation Move will be available sometime in September.

As reported from VG247, Jason Bradbury used his Twitter account to slip out the following details to the world: “another thing I was meaning to say. Sept for Playstation Move!!! I’m sure of it. Can’t say why. Just.. September 2010″

Does he know something that we don’t? Probably, since the TV show on Channel 5 in the UK gets the chance to preview equipment months before release. Sony has typically released a statement, in which they called his comments, ‘speculation’.

So what are your thoughts on this? If a September release date is true, it means that Playstation Move will be available one month earlier than Microsoft’s Project Natal launch in October. This could be a vital move for Sony in persuading gamers to side with Move rather than Microsoft’s controller-free option.

Have you already made your mind up on what you’re going to buy this fall? We’ll update you when we know more.


  • Mike

    who cares about a periphial that's a blatant rip off from another gaming company? I agree Idan, it is like comparing a Kia to a Porsche.

    • TheGreatness

      These damn natal fanboys always say the same thing: Natal is more powerful. Natal is controller-free, blah blah. Always praising the hardware, never saying anything about the software. It's a gaming device. How will it do games in tersm of scale &variety? Can any of you tell me what games you will be playing on it? How do you expect gameplay will feel? You cant even play a tabletennis game on it, never mind games that involve guns, axes, bow&arrows,clubs, swords,ninja stars, dual pistols, lightsabers etc. I may not be the most creative guy on earth, but i cant think of anything i would create on Natal except maybe a boxing game that i would actually sell to people. A blatant ripoff of Wii? So you dont see any resemblence of EyeToy on Natal? Natal is even worse because it's still no-controller/use your body oriented. Natal maybe more powerful, but it's not as practical as Move. I vote practicality

      • Shiven

        natal is a ps3 eye with some reasonable software behind it…

        sure, its got two lenses to create 3d… but all it is, is a camera with a microphone. People get so worked up about these things =/

  • Idan

    so what? It's like comparing a regular car to a sport car.
    Natal is far far better, and I will be willing to wait a month.

    BTW, currently I own a wii, and will probably throw it away and buy an xbox when the natal is out.

    • Qim0

      I think you are right! When the regular car is an BMW 5-series en the 'sports car' is an Hyundai Scoupé.
      Natal: except from talking to a kid named Milo and the hitting-red-balls-like-your-playing-Eyetoy app, all things shown this far are scripted.

      Move has already proven clearly to be usefull with a lot of different genres SOCOM4, LBP, lots of different Sports.


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