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New iPhone 4G: More Gizmodo Prototype details released

The Apple and Gizmodo iPhone 4G prototype saga is far from over you know. We have some all-new details surrounding events leading up to Gizmodo’s purchase of the device, as well as fresh details about the raid of editor Jason Chen’s home.

As reported from BGR, most of the details have now been released to the public about the search warrant which was previously locked by a county judge.

It has now emerged that Gizmodo might of actually paid $8500 for the device, with the extra $3500 served as a ‘bonus’ if the device turned out to be real – which of course it is.

Also, new details reveal that Steve Jobs actually made the call to Gizmodo’s Brian Lam, asking for the phone to be returned to the company – which it was after Apple provided a letter proving it was real.

Jason Chen is now being investigated over a collection of violations. These include stolen property, theft and copying of a trade secret, along with destruction of property worth more than $400.

No charges have been made yet, the investigation continues. There is loads more over at BGR. Let us know your thoughts on these latest developments.



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