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iPhone 4G Accessories: Wish List

We know that Apple is to launch its fourth-generation iPhone soon, we assume that it will be called the 4G as keeping with previous launches, but other rumors suggest that it could be called the iPhone HD or Pro. There have been a number of leaks of this prototype over the past few weeks, and if we believe what we see, then companies who develop accessories for the iPhone will have to go back to the drawing board.

The reason for this is simple, its design is very different to the current 3GS so will not be compatible with current accessories as the 3GS was with 3G accessories. So now that these companies have to come up with new designs, we wondered what your iPhone 4G accessories wish list were?

We have had a long hard think about what we would like to see, and have come up with a suggestion. The accessory is something like the battery case that you can currently purchase – instead of an extra power cell there will be a long flat speaker built on the back of the case. If someone like Bose were to develop something like this – then the sound would be truly amazing.

Tying to think of a new accessory is very hard as they have all been done before, but there has to be someone out there who can come up with an original design. What is your iPhone 4G Accessory wish list?

That’s if we see a new iPhone, HTC has filed a lawsuit asking that Apple stop selling the iPhone in the U.S., not certain how far they will get with that one.



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