Army Combat Helmet Recall: ArmorSource Risk to Soldiers

It has been reported that the U.S Army are recall as many as 44,000 advanced combat helmets, after realising that tests concluded that certain helmets do not meet military specifications.

As reported from USAToday, the helmets are designed by ArmorSource, who are based in Hebron, Ohio and are seen as a potential risk for soliders if used on duty.

The U.S Army has just issued a statement, in which they have said that they are still determining the exact dangers that these helmets can cause to soliders. The recall affects 4% of advanced combat helmets within the whole U.S Army.

For soliders with one of the defective ArmorSource helmets, they will be issued with a new one. An investigation is now underway by the Justice Department and the Army’s inspector general’s office.

Let us know your thoughts on this recall. Is it worrying for you to think that your son, daughter or loved one may be issued with faulty equipment?



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