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Verizon iPhone 4G: 10 Million Pegatron CDMA units on order

We have more on the Verizon iPhone and Pegatron rumors for you now, as it has been reported that as many as 10 million CDMA units are on order for the Taiwanese company.

As reported from BGR, the company is ‘expected’ to deliver 10 million of the CMDA iPhones to Apple for release on Verizon each year.

It has also been reported that both Apple and Pegatron have declined to comment on the speculation surrounding the CDMA-enabled devices.

Could we really be seeing the iPhone 4G on both AT&T this year? It certainly looks promising doesn’t it. Suddenly that article by WSJ all those weeks ago has once again been thrusted back into the limelight.

As usual, we’ll update you when we hear more on the Verizon iPhone. Give us your thoughts on these latest details. Could Apple be providing an ‘extra’ suprise to us at WWDC this year?



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