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Supermodel Apple iPad Trouble: Customs Duty

Israeli supermodel Bar Refaeli has gotten herself in trouble with customs at Tel Aviv’s international airport, as she tried to bring an Apple iPad into the country without declaring the tablet device. If you bring an item into Israel worth more than $200, then you have to pay duty on it.

According to Associated Press, Channel 10 TV interviewed Refaeli, where she explained that she had the iPad in her suitcase, which then got lost in transit. She went on to say that she failed to declare the device to customs when she entered the country.

AP explains that the model will now be required to pay 650 shekels ($170) – this will cover taxes and a fine to get the iPad back. My cousin had a similar issue – he thought that he would get an Apple iPad sooner in the UK so ordered one from a U.S. supplier. He assumed that he was getting a good deal, but that was before UK Customs charged him £80.

We recently reported that Israel lifted its ban on the Apple iPad, as there were fears that its wireless signal would interfere with other devices.


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