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Magic: The Gathering – Duels of the Planeswalker DLC Problems Crash Issue

It seems as though players who have got themselves a copy of the latest DLC for Magic: The Gathering have had some unexpected issues while playing the game.

According to users on GameFAQs and Wizards of the Coast forums, they are experiencing problems that cause the game to crash and return a dreaded screen of blackness.

It is not exactly sure what is causing the issue, as the guys over at Joystiq report that they downloaded the update, but were returned to the dashboard after the download had completed, just to have to download the entire game again. When the DLC was finally patched to the game, they say that they themselves did not receive any problems or issues after multiple tests.

Have you experienced any issues, problems or crashes with the DLC for Magic: The Gathering?

Source: Joystiq



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