iPhone 4G/HD: New pictures of Vietnam iPhone before Release

By Alan Ng - May 14, 2010

Following on from yet another discovery of a iPhone 4G prototype device in Vietnam, we have some brand new images to show you now, images that have not been seen before.

The images come to us courtesy of French website BeGeek, who have claimed that they have originated from a Vietnamese Forum and is the same handset obtained by that Vietnamese website a few days ago.

Not much more to say here. The pictures of the iPhone 4G look identical to the prototype model that Gizmodo obtained, however there is one picture rocking a different SIM card which has got many heads scratching.

Are we due even more twists and turns in the iPhone 4G saga before WWDC on June 7th? I would say yes – considering how events have panned out recently.

Check out the new images through the link and give us your thoughts on them.

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