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iPhone 4G (AT&T and Verizon): Skype makes Windows Phone 7 exit

In what is surely going to be a blow to Microsoft, it has been reported that Skype has dropped support for Windows Phone 7 handsets, in favor of focusing on projects for the iPhone 4G and Android handsets.

As reported from BGR, Dan Neary, the Asia Pacific Vice President for Skype confirmed the news when speaking at a recent event in Australia.

The news comes after Skype removed their Windows Mobile version of the popular VoIP software, citing poor user experience and shoddy UI.

A key reason for the lack of Skype on Windows Phone 7, could be due to the omission of native code within the platform, as well as clashes with Microsoft’s XNA and Silverlight features.

So where does that leave consumers wanting to pick up Skype on Windows Phone 7? In a dark place it seems – unless a third party developer conjures up something.

Let us know your thoughts on this. Are you surprised?



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