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iPad 3G: Hulu Release Date, HTML5 Update and Subscription Prices

We have some information for frequent users of Hulu now, although somewhat disappointing, as the company has revealed that they currently have no plans to support HTML5 in the future.

As reported from Apple Insider, speculation was mounting that Hulu was considering converting their media content to HTML5, for easy viewing on the iPad – although that doesn’t mean that Hulu won’t be appearing on the iPad at all.

Instead, Hulu are considering charging customers a monthly fee for access to the website on the iPad. The price is thought to be around $9.95-per-month and is rumored to launch on May 24.

How will iPad owners feel about having to pay for Hulu though, considering the fact that other services such as the ABC application are free to download and view. Let us know your thoughts on this.

How badly do you need Hulu on the iPad? Would you pay for it or not?


  • bux112

    i am not opposed to paying for content but HULU is lacking too many things to make paying any sense. I love fringe and they only keep like 5 episodes at a time.

  • Jmagee

    If hulu charges iPad and iPhone uses it will be a huge mistake, they need to make an app like abc did, and it should be free


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