Halo: Reach Coming to PC, No Confirmed Release Date – Rumor

By Jamie Pert - May 14, 2010

Earlier this week we revealed that it looked as if Project Natal for Microsoft’s Xbox 360 would launch in October this year, at first it seemed as if this leak came from a Microsoft exec called Syed Bilal.

Microsoft say that Syed Bilal “is a vendor employed through a third-party company on behalf of the Microsoft subsidiary in Saudi Arabia”, therefore it seems as if either the information is completely untrue or something which Microsoft wanted to keep a secret.

Since the Project Natal release rumor Bilal has also spoken about Halo: Reach, in a Twitter conversation with ‘Up To Date’ (Saudi Arabia gaming and technology show) host Faisal Alsaif, here he let it slip that Halo: Reach would be released for the PC ‘later on’ (you can see the conversation by checking out the source link at the end of this post).

It is hard to say whether Bilal is letting slip legitimate release details or not, therefore we mustn’t take this too seriously, it does seem pretty unlikely as neither Halo 3 or Halo: ODST were released on the PC.

Source: G4TV

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  • steam user

    i wise halo would be for PC so i can play my friends on steam if its for steam

    my steam user name is (TGK):::TheNightMirror

  • Roby

    Please do reach the PC and console halo is shit ! PLEASE HALO I GOOD GAME :d

  • MasterChief

    Why always on xbox first its with all the games the same PC is lots and lots better than xbox and if they want more money they can read al those comments! and keep making those NICE GAMES!

  • Leana

    omg c'mon! since the economy is bad alot of ppl cant buy the Xbox 360! i cant even buy the darn xbox cuz i cant afford it! make Halo Reach on PC! they did it on Halo 1 and 2 y not Halo 3?

  • reeve

    @ weee

    okay lets get this down to earth.

    Xbox360 consoles are no better or worse than a pc. My computer is a mid range custom build with a GTX460 GPU and that will get me 100+ FPS on crysis with max settings. add a second GTX460 in crossfire and that will double the FPS.

    for a computer to be as good or even better (as is my case) you just need a half decent pc. anyone who claims a console is better than a computer probably tried playing a high end game like crysis on max settings without having the hardware to back it up.

    its common knowledge the 360 console has some high end hardware inside it.


    i personally prefure a pc with keyboard and mouse, you have more variances in movement of your reticule, the 360 controller sets your aiming speed to a constant state, this is a DISADVANTAGE in a co-op multiplayer match if its cross platform, i.e 360players vs pc players in the same match.

    as for halo reach. considering microsoft are primarily a computer software manufacturing company it is a shame that they now put more money into thier consoles departments than thier original customers, the PC users.

    if halo reach WAS ported to the pc microsoft would earn alot of extra cash. and PC gamers would get an amazing game. however, i dont think it will happen any time soon. microsoft are a bitter company who fail to honour any agreements and fail to have an ounce of common sence.

  • guy101

    You are moron…….i can play cod4 with 250 fps…..that isn't smooth???
    ps3,x360 or pc……i like it all….but halo need's to be released for pc….

  • weee?

    First of all an XBOX IS WAY BETTER THAN PC AS PC LAGS AND XBOX RUNS SMOOTHLY AND THE GRAPHICS OWN. And its fair that its released for xbox users first as many people bought an xbox 360 to play halo….. and it ain't cheap

    • if ya not satisfied the FPS go and have a go on the asus G73 has one of the best graphics on the market I don't know how many fps its got but it makes an xbox 360 look like a grain of sand to its superior power.

  • Richard1992

    honest to god, release the damn game on pc allready. microsoft is PC . and yet they cant release an epic game to their FIRST ever made platform? its crazy same wiv gears of war. y no gears 2, or soon to be gears 3 to pc? the first gears, alike HALO was released on pc…. have you no faith? yes theres …some… pc gamers that pirate but the most part of the community acctually buy the game…. dont disrespect your home community because of afew piraters, i know HUNDREDS of pc gamers that complain y a microsoft game neva makes it to the pc :S its crazy

  • Calibur4440

    C'mon guys make Halo Reach for pc.
    you whould make more money that way.


  • Calibur4440

    C'mon guys make it for pc you'd get more money
    and getting more money IS ALWAYS A GREAT DEAL!

  • Hawkz

    GIVE ME REACH ON PC I COMMAND YOU! YOUR LACK OF FAITH IS DISTURBING! Capslock always gets the mssage across

  • Sam

    Why did microsoft make such a perfect game “Halo Reach” on xbox only? This is probably the biggest mistake they ever made. Honestly, they would make BILLIONS if it was released on PC. I belive this release will be more than “Black Ops”. Hopefully this can happen.

  • give me halo for PC


    • jimmy bob

      bill gates has retired

  • trevor


  • Hungry Hungry Hippo

    I would just love to see what all the new halo's looks like on pc.
    Since 4 xbox they aparently have to reduce certain aspects ov the grapics so that it doesnt like burn out the xbox. "hey lets run my xbox all night gaming"……"oh nooo red ring of death"
    A good pc would just rip the graphics to pieces to the poin ov maybe jizzing.
    It would LOOK INSANE!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Rant-o-matic

    Be grateful for what you have and if you want more, then let someone know who can do something about it. Anything else is a waste of your time and energy, hoping someone will come across a blog somewhere seeing those "special" characters masking words you wouldn't have say in polite society, and thinking "Wow, someone's upset, I should tell my boss the president of Microsoft to make the programmers change all the code to PC from xBox. "IF" that were to happen, it'd be years before we saw the finished product, but likely that wouldn't happen. Get over it, move on and take time to appreciate what you DO have, not what you DON'T have. My thoughts, not yours. Use with caution.

  • PC/XBox Gamer

    i would preffer pc cuz pc is like more easier to me… (Im not saying im a PC Gamer but i play XBox games to) I just wanted the Halo Reach would go out on PC first >.>

  • Death_Trap

    Well Gamer world will be soon moving to mac… They are improving there platform daily… And microsoft is cutting us out so we have a choice to buy a Xbox or go without…. I know most the games I know would rather go without then buy another system to play one game…. Mac is trying to get things together to be able to start a virtual gaming world… for mac. So to you microsoft put it out on pc or You will loose most of your supporters… to mac ! I have just bought a new mac system… and I have to say it has advantages…

    • Hungry Hungry Hippo

      But Macs ae way too expensive for what you get. If u pay the same for a windows computer it would dominate. I personally dont like macs but well its personal choice :P:P I think microsoft should just pull there fingers out there arses and get on with it

  • daril

    i feel so bad, what about PC gamer like me?? this is totally wrong, this is not right 🙁

  • Microsoft

    Microsoft need to get their act together its going down hill. mac has got the ipod ,the iphone and way better hardware all you have are games and software; the latter because you started first.

    • jimmybob

      Mac only brought those things out because microsoft own the software market!!!

  • WTF is my Halo PC?

    It wouldnt be so bad if they didnt keep playing those bl00dy adverts on tv all the time…constantly reminding me that i cant play Halo Reach, simply because i have a PC rather than an Xbox 🙁

  • BrotherDeath

    I don't HAVE an XBox, so I can only play this game either by buying a 360 or with them relseasing the game on PC. I would personally prefer the later. There are loads of gamers who are just sitting on their arses waiting for this to come out on a platform they have access to.

    • fish

      exactly! that is why they dont bring them out- cuz they want u 2 buy and xbox

  • Guest

    its not because it's 'good' on xbox, its because Microsoft know they will make millions and millions of sales and dollars, as opposed to it being released on pc. Don't ask why but typical idiots think xbox 360 is better than PC, which it is not.

    • Calibur4440

      And they whould also make a lot more money
      for on the pc

  • bfmvrocks

    Well thats good news, because I dont have a freakin’ xbox.

  • User != mac

    Well its good that microsoft made the whole 'games for windows theme' that means theyr realy commited onto pc games, not just other companys useing that logo

  • Mark Ciccolella

    the whole Halo series i believe will be out on PC in like 3 years tops

    • Matt

      nah all game companies r tryin 2 get rid of pc games and bring out more 4 ps3 and xbox 360 – it suxxxxxxxx! 🙁

  • GrimOracle

    This would be truly epic if HALO reach could "reach" the PC. Make it happen. I will definitely buy it and I don't care what it will cost! I have close on 200 people in my circle that are PC owners only and would love this game. We get together once a month to rip each other apart when LANNING! Hey Bungie, just from my side alone you will get almost 200 hundred customers! All our games are legit and no one here pirates anything!!! We are totally against it, cos we want to keep PC games alive!! Consider it!!!!!!

  • nick

    if it don't come to pc microsoft fail

  • anoniem

    really i play game good on pc but
    why it comes out first for xb360
    its just awfull on the xbox is it just not good with the camera
    and gamers for pc game are just looking forward to play this game

    • Guest.

      you ever played it on xbox? it works perfect..
      and halo started as an xbox game.. prolly end as an xbox game to. so.. get urself an xbox if u want it !

      • Guest

        Have you ever played on a PC? It SMOKES the xbox and makes the Xbox look like SHIT! and Halo started on the xbox AND PC!

        • rece

          i agree i wished they continued with making it pc games cause i love using third person mods and stuff

        • halo reach lover

          this is why they dont release it on a pc as everyone mods on it its so sad just play the game right not wronge you sad person.

      • nazim

        halo stated as a pc game i love halo on xbox aswell dont get me wrong but i wud still like to have it back on the pc

      • derp

        no. it started as a mac game. get your shit straight.

      • nic

        actually it originally was ment for mac computers but microsoft bought bungie and used it for pc and xbox. look up the history on google.

      • sergio

        u r a retard because halo was halo was first announced for pc in 1999 for pc and mac. apple and bungie were paired up for making halo then microsoft bought bungie so apple couldnt finish making halo with bungie. then microsoft told bungie to make it for their new xbox so get ur facts straight u xbox faggot

        • person

          halo was origionally gunna be a rts (like halo wars) on mac and pc tho…

      • JC

        I read Halo was create for Mac… Not everyone wants to buy a 360 just for one game…