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Google Nexus One: Sales Canceled Online

Google had hoped that the Nexus One was going to become this superphone that would be able to take the battle to the Apple iPhone, but things have gone badly wrong. The handset was due to be made available on Verizon and Sprint – both have since turned it down for the HTC DROID Incredible and the EVO 4G respectively.

Engadget reports that Google is to stop selling the Nexus One online – the only way to get one is to purchase one from a current carrier partner store. This has been a major blow for Google, the Nexus One is seen as a huge failure but at lease there are other Android OS handsets.

This could be just the first step – we expect to see Google totally give up on the failed N1 before the year is up. We do not expect the search engine giant to make a follow up such as the Nexus Two as the first handset model has burned them.

At least Google can be proud of the fact that a number the hottest smartphones on the market run or will run Android OS. It just seems a shame as the Nexus One is a nice looking phone and the recent upgrade to Android OS 2.2 making it 450 percent faster does seem like a waste.



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