Call of Duty Black Ops (Xbox 360, PS3): Map Packs DLC by Raven

By Alan Ng - May 14, 2010

Some interesting details to bring you now, as it has been reported that a separate development company has been drafted in to work on DLC content for upcoming Call of Duty title, Black Ops.

As reported from VG247, Raven is said to be the company named, as Activision has put a James Bond title by Raven on hold, so that the team can focus on Black Ops instead.

It seems a bit odd though that Treyarch will develop the full release and then not work on any future map packs for the game? Then again, it could work in gamers favor with a totally new approach and vision for future content for the game.

At the moment, Activision has yet to comment on the story. Let us know your thoughts on this, we’ll bring you an update as soon as we can.

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  • Myles

    my god all you stupid *** ******* ppl need to get over yourselfs….and guest your ******* idiot!!! quickscoping is for ******* who cant use a assault rifles for ****. So stop making up excuses because you ******* suck at the game

  • guest

    Bo is by far the most balanced COD and think irl how would quick scoping work???

    • A.Nonymous

      That being said, missing someone from three meters away with a sniper rifle when you have them in the middle of the scope is always a letdown.

  • Jerome

    When are they going to let us download the original zombie maps if we didnt y the hardned edition?

    • rawr

      They aren't. You missed out if you weren't cool and got it like the smart ppl.

  • Michael T

    Okay, you know you all are such hypocrites, especially youtubers. You all say that MW2 sucked like crazy. Hmm, yeah how come people kept playing the game and posting videos up on YouTube months after it came out. Videos kept on being pumped out even though their makers said MW2 sucked. The only thing that was bad about MW2 was the knifing and terrible grenade launching. Look at all the good things: awesome rewards and of course, the sniping. Now here comes Treyarch and decides, oh no, i don't want to get owned in video games anymore, i'm going to take of the quickscoping. That way i won't be embarrased. Taking off the quickscoping was the stupides thing to do. Without, MW2 would've died ages ago along with the gaming community. Black ops is not going to last have as long. i'm already bored of it. I play zombies and the combat training only. Who raised 1 billion dollars in DLC for call of duty = Infinity Ward. Treyarch sucks and killed call of duty.

    • guest

      actually mw2/infinity ward killed call of duty….quick scoping=you suck at the game and have to mod/quick scope in order to get a kill…which means you like sniping which means ur a camper so campers…moders…glitchers and the bad spawning as well as spawn toobs in mw2 ruined online call of duty…as said by every gamer that played mw2…treyarch said Oh i am going to listen to the gamers and this is what they want and there you have it a revised gameplay that takes all that bulls$$t out that happened in mw2…to top it off ur kill streaks should not count for other kill streaks…thats just wrong…and treyarch fixed that as well…so you can sit on ur little mw2 and mod and quick scope I will be playing on a much better designed gameplay game like black ops…the only thing infinity ward has on treyarch is the graphics…everything else is just crap

      • rawr

        And even so, when the game came out, I thought the game had the same graphics as mw2.

      • Leftenant Price

        you sir, are a retard. do you even know what quickscoping means? it means
        RUNNING AROUND and using intervention or something THAT IS NOT AN ACR OR SCAR H OR TAR and getting kills over camping faggot cunts with noob tubes. Black ops is SHIT compared with MW2, even CoD4 is better than this new shit, or $h1t as you like to say. seriously- treyarch say stupid things like "oooh yess, players want to unlock everything as soon as they get a gun, so lets give them that…" WHO THE FUCK DOESNT!!!! in MW2 you had to fork for something, and when you unlocked it, you truly felt rewarded, not like in black ops, where faggots like you run around with tiger striped SPAS12s and "pwn n00bz". so, 'guest' who posted this one week ago, i have a message for you- STOP SUCKING TREYARCH TINY DICK, AND GET SOME SUN INSTEAD OF SANDBAGGING MW2 AND WASTING MY INTERNET YOU FUCK!!!

      • showoffs

        i couldn't have said it better myself

  • Kevin

    i really hate this treyarch was good at dlc but ininfity ward sucked this is stupid now their goin to fuck up treyarchs ideas with nazi zombies

  • i think call of duty black ops will come out with a new dlc within the next month so get over everything

  • mcc

    They are stupid for not putting zombies in there

  • big mullets


    • joe ferry

      i hope he map pack on black ops are good (^^^)

  • Kage Bushin

    Activision, Ea should merge…they both do business horribly…set a low industry standard…and dare i say suck as much as a dyson vacuum cleaner on full blast….screw them both, no one should pruchse their game…who cares if they signed respawn or bungie…no creative IP, and all they do is buy developers who can make games so they can whore them out…shame on both of these studios!!!

    • rawr

      I hope you know it's Bunshin not Bushin.

  • vinthedean

    The Problem with the deals between Activision and Treyarch is that Treyarch really has no say in what happens with the game. Actvision is calling the shots. What Activision wants is to have DLC available within the first month or so (or sooner) of realease. And I don't think that Treyarch can deliver that. Activisision at this point is just milking the HELL out of this cash cow which is known as Call of Duty and FPS.

    I bought MW2. Even though I am playing the game alot, I am really disappointed in lack of features. I am really debating about getting MW3 (maybe used so that I can finish the story line). Specially after the whole Infinity Ward issue.

    But MW2 lacked alot. Campaign Co-Op, a Real Clan System, In Game Friends Joining, Custom Ranked Games, PW Protected Private Games, just to name a few.

    I think that alot of developers should take a look at KZ2 and how they handled their Multiplayer. They have all of the features above plus awesome enemy AI & Bots. Bots are great for practicing.

    I am getting KZ3 Day One. They offered a ton of features and a much better and smoother online feature than MW2. For me, KZ2 has the best online FPS experience.

    • guest

      uhh, MW2 did have the in-game joining feat. Or at least for the ps3

    • Leftenant Price, SAS

      naah i reckon MW3 will be heaps good, though we can only hope it lasts longer than Black Ops.

      i just wish there was some way for infinity ward to take zombies and put them in a MW setting.

      • TuftyCypress363

        How do u get micrsoft points free

  • Papa Mudd

    That's friggen stupid. Why on earth would Treyarch agree to give up on its big money maker? I mean their zombie map packs all sold millions and are way better DLC than what was provided for MW and MW2. Another studio working on this does not seem likely as Treyarch has already put so much effort into the game it seems like Activision is just as greedy as they seem.