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Alan Wake Xbox 360: First DLC To Arrive In July

With the release of Alan Wake not expected until next week, the developers are not messing about and have already released information regarding the impending DLC to arrive in late July.

Developer Remedy released the details via Twitter, and say that they are expecting the DLC to be released on July 27.

But conflicting reports also suggest that it could also be released on July 28, which was seen on a promotional dashboard show. But don’t worry, we are sure to get the information right as games website Joystiq have been on the case and have emailed all parties involved.

But getting away from the negative for a a breif second, you will be able to download the DLC via the included token download card which comes with a copy of your purchased Alan Wake game. The price of the DLC has not yet been revealed.

Source: JoyStiq



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