Walgreens and Genetic Test Kits: Sales Postponed

Consumers like to be informed before buying products, and the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) helps consumers know the facts before making a purchase. When this administration criticizes a product it can have an impact.

In this case, Walgreens have decided to postpone the sale of genetic test kits in its stores. This was following an article posted by the FDA titled “At-Home Genetic Tests: A Healthy Dose of Skepticism”. You can read this article on here.

According to CNN, the Food and Drug Administration contacted the company that makes the genetic kits – Pathway Genomics – the sale of the product was then held off. Walgreens issued a statement, which said they would hold off on selling the product until “further clarity on this matter”.

The kit would cost $20 and includes a plastic tube to collect saliva, which you then send off in a postage-paid envelope to the laboratory. The test ends up costing anywhere from $79 to $249. Read the full story on CNN.

What do you think about the genetic test kits, and the skepticism from the FDA?



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