Vietnam iPhone and claims of corporate espionage

By Peter Chubb - May 13, 2010

Apple has not got of to a great start in 2010, things are going well on the stock market, but its usual tight security has failed. We were shocked when Gizmodo managed to get hold of a prototype iPhone, and now we have learned that one has appeared in Vietnam – taking the total of lost 2010 iPhones to three.

This latest leak of a fourth-generation iPhone has a complete teardown of the handset. We have not seen the third lost iPhone, but it could be out there – this could have been the reason why a Chinese worker committed suicide last year.

It is no secret that Apple normal has CIA like security, so how could two or three iPhone prototypes find their way out of HQ? Apple have grown over the past few years and as a result needs to work with more people, keeping a close eye on them has now become too much – that’s according to Wired.

However, we have to wonder if the recent claims of corporate espionage are true? How else would there be two prototype iPhones offered on the black-market at a price? Some have suggested that some of Apple’s partners are unscrupulous – this is certainly something that Apple needs to look in to.

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