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Skype Cease Windows Mobile Development, Android and iPhone OS Favored

If you are a frequent Skype user, we have some sad news for you as Skype have revealed that they will terminate the development of the program that was scheduled to be available for the next generation of Windows Mobile software later this year.

As you probably already know, Skype pulled its Windows Mobile VoIP application for WinMo in February as the company say that they want to concentrate on developing for the more upcoming and popular OS’ such as the iPhone, Symbian and the Android.

In all fairness, Skype have a point. WinMo is just not as popular as the other available OS’ in the current market, and with the increasing popularity especially of the Android and iPhone operating systmes, it would make more sense to apply all there technical resources to these specific projects.

What are your views of Skype’s decision? Will this make you change to an iPhone or Android enabled phone in the future?

Source: SlashGear



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