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Samsung i5800/i5801: Brief Technical Specs, Runs Android 2.1

We have recently come across a new Samsung smartphone which is currently under development, this handset is marked the i5800/i5801 and could perhaps be the Samsung Galaxy 3.

It is hard to say how far away this handset is, however according to a recent IntoMobile article its hardware specifications are pretty impressive, also what is pretty impressive is that it appears to run Android 2.1 Eclair.

Full specifications are not yet known, however we can pretty much guarantee that it will feature a microSD memory card slot, offer WiFi and 3G connectivity and feature a 3.5mm headset jack, rumors are also suggesting that the display will be an AMOLED HVGA touchscreen panel, however this is currently unconfirmed.

As we hear more about this smartphone we will keep you posted, for further information check out the link below.

Source: IntoMobile



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