Rogue Satellite: Cable TV Interference hours, not days

We mentioned a few days ago about the rogue satellite that is heading into another satellites orbit – as a result could cause interference for Cable TV channels. Galaxy 15 broke orbit about a month ago and owners have been trying to communicate with it since.

CNN reports that looking at the current data, the satellite will begin to interfere with the other satellite on May 23 – despite their best efforts to regain control. The owners of Galaxy 15 said that if there were interference then it would only last hours and not days as been suggested in the media.

As we reported in our previous post, neither company will admit what cable channels will be affected by the interference – although we can tell you that there is no fear of the two satellites colliding with each other.

This issue will not affect most customers as they were moved to another satellite, Galaxy 12. There have been suggestions that the rogue satellite should be blown up, but the owners said that its path is stable and predictable, so no need for such ideas.



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