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Robin Hood 2010: iPhone app celebrates new movie

The new Robin Hood movie for 2010 gets its official release tomorrow and to help celebrate MobileHead has developed Robin Hood: Hero of Hope iPhone app. The game lets you take control of the man in the green tights, but this app portrays Robin Hood in a different light.

Robin Hood has been redesigned, now he lives in a steam punk fantasy world. Check out some of the screen shots over on iTunes, you will be shocked at how different MobileHead have made things – even down to the cloths that the characters wear.

The app has 6 levels for you to work through and offers an over the shoulder point of view. While playing the game you will have to get your timing right, as you ill have to dodge and duck and then perform melee attacks in order to beat your enemies.

The new movie is a prequel as we get to see how Robin Hood came to be the hero that he is. Russell Crowe plays Robin with fellow Australian Cate Blanchett playing Marion Loxley. More detail can be found on IMDB



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