PS Move, Wii HD, Project Natal and Nintendo’s Hardships

We have an interesting and detailed article to show you now, in which industry analyst Michael Pachter has given a thorough interview, highlighting subjects involving Playstation Move, Project Natal and the Nintendo Wii ‘HD’ console.

As reported from VG247, Pachter has spoken in a recent interview with Eurogamer, claiming that the upcoming release of Sony’s Playstation Move controller and games is in fact, the Nintendo Wii HD in disguise.

Part of his interview contains the following quote: “Nintendo is on the verge of – certainly not dropping into third place or anything – losing its dominance, because I really truly believe that Sony Move is the Wii HD.”

What is his reasoning for this you ask? Well he thinks that both the Wii and Move controllers are so alike, and the fact that the PS3 will allow to play games in HD and the Wii doesnt, basically means that Playstation Move is the Nintendo Wii HD that many gamers have been waiting for.

Well he isn’t entirely wrong is he? He also goes on to say how Nintendo is a ‘loser’ in the console stakes, while also adding his opinions on Microsoft’s Project Natal software and whether or not the software can impress the new audience range that Microsoft are aiming for.

Very good article, make sure you check out the whole thing here. Do you agree with Pachter’s views or not?


  • Hellen S.

    Enter text right here!

    OK I Will!

    Anyway, where are all the Wii "motion control is a gimmick" bashers now??

  • Kevin B

    I want Wii games on my PS3 & Move this instant. That is what Sony needs to do.

  • Kevin B

    Mr. Pachter again is dealing with absolutes!

    The PS3 + PlayStation Move does not necessarily Wii HD!
    No not in your life.

    Its because of the games for younlings, you dark Sith lord!
    Its the freaking games! The Wii success rides on the games that the Nintendo demographic consists. Sony has completely abandoned them! And Nintendo is on a feeding frenzy with these kids!

    Does Sony PS3 & PS Move have Mario, Pokemon, Zelda, Kirby, Cooking Mama, Dragon's Quest and all those cute li'l games that sell like toys? Hell No!

    Little Big Planet 2 & Ape Escape is not enough! And those games they show in GDC, they are ugly crap games that no adult will even care about!

    With no games for the kids counterpart I expect the Move to dissapoint.

    Sony needs to address this issues fast!

    Oh and same goes for the PSP.

    Sony needs to deliver games for both adults and their children as first priorities.


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