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New iPhone 4G: Built-in Facebook within OS 4.0 – Rumor

We have some great news for Facebook fans who are thinking of picking up the upcoming iPhone 4G handset from Apple, as it has been reported that Apple are planning to include built-in integration of Facebook features within their iPhone OS 4.0 software.

As reported from Apple Insider, solid Facebook support for the iPhone 4G is thought to be coming within OS 4.0, along with the ability to sync your contacts into the social networking site and also some interaction with the Apple App Store.

Furthermore, the report claims that we will be hearing more on this feature at Apple’s WWDC 2010 event on June 7th in San Francisco.

Another interesting point worth noting is that Apple may decide to include Facebook Connect features directly into their iPhone OS 4.0 SDK, which will allow developers to implement Facebook-specific features into their apps – which sounds very interesting.

Let us know your thoughts on integrated Facebook support within iPhone OS 4.0. More details through the link.


  • wdthompsonjr

    Apple needs to become involved in the world of portable social networking if it wants to remain competitive with AT&T's new partnership with the Android phones. For example, the Motorola BackFlip, currently the only Droid based phone supported by the AT&T network has a fairly sophisticated social networking interface built into the phone's default home page. The backbone of that integration is Google GMail. Once linked to a gmail acount, the user can add multiple personal social network pages or communications channels (for example: FaceBook plus Twitter plus MySpace plus – well you get the idea) and all contacts / folllowers are coordinated through the gmail contact database by means of a linking process. Additionally, if any activity or communications within the user's social networking universe, the information is pushed to the phone as is tagged with a link on the home page of the phone. And of course, one can update the various FaceBook, MySpace, Twitter, etc directly from the phone.

    • wdthompsonjr

      Continuation of previous comment (original text oo long for posting on this system.)

      If Apple hasn't already developed plans and begun developing the software for the iPhone OS 4.0, it is a little late in the game to expect them to pop out a competing app in time for the summer release, but the inclusion of integrated FaceBook capability is definitely a step in the right direction and will give potential upgrader's a reason to stay with iPhone rather than move to an Android device.


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