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Metal Slug XX (Xbox 360): Japanese Release Date

If you are a fan of Metal Slug games chances are you have been looking forward to the Xbox Live Arcade launch of Metal Slug XX, finally we have some details regarding the release of the game.

According to Xbox Japan Metal Slug XX will arrive in Japan on May 19th, usually U.S. and European releases follow shortly, however currently there is no confirmation of this.

Metal Slug XX is an upgraded port of Metal Slug 7, Metal Slug 7 was released in Japan on the Nintendo DS back in July 2008 and was released for the PSP in late 2009.

MS7 received mixed reviews, however on the whole more people liked it than hated it, according to Wikipedia the game received a 71.96% from Gameranking, which isn’t too bad.

As we hear confirmation of release dates we will keep you posted, for more information check out the source link below.

Are you looking forward to the release of Metal Slug XX?

Source: JoyStiq



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