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Marvel Vs Capcom 3 (PS3, Xbox 360): Game details and Special Moves

We have a treat for Marvel Vs Capcom fans now, as we have early gameplay details from the Game Informer edition which features a spread on Marvel Vs Capcom 3 that we told you about recently.

As reported from IGN, Capcom has revealed that Marvel Vs Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds (full name) will be approachable to a lot more people this time around – less hardcore if you like. It is no secret that MvC isn’t a game which you can easily pick up and play, it takes time to master like all good beat-em-ups.

Aside from that aspect, we have also learned a little bit about the new ‘exchange’ button that all characters possess. This will launch your opponent into the air, allowing you to ground slam your foe, while it is also the starting point for air juggles.

Fans of Deadpool will be pleased to hear that the character has the ability to harm opponents by depleting his own life bar – Yoshimitsu style perhaps? Hopefully we hear more details on other characters moves soon.

Finally, Capcom also confirm that Dante was especially left out of the Tatsunoko vs. Capcom roster, so that he could be included in the Marvel Vs Capcom 3 lineup. We can’t wait to hear what that guy is capable of in-game – the same goes for Chris Redfield.

Let us know your thoughts on the points mentioned above – especially Capcom’s decision to ‘tweak’ gameplay so that it is more approachable to others.


  • Yes, Deadpool does use his lifebar as a weapon due to the awareness that he's in a videogame. The reviewer must've misinterpreted that information.

    @milz It actually will be 3vs3–at least that's whats implied. As for the "30" characters, they're setting that up as the minimum amount of characters, though they say there will likely be more. I don't think the amount of characters is that much of a problem, I think it's the inclusion of characters that's most important. If they put everyone's favorites, then there's not much to complain about. And TvC was okay–if you had lots of enthusiast friends and played online often with good internet.


    Could be great if they leave the door open for more DLC characters. Even if they dont, I will still pick it up. I have beaten every iteration of the series thus far, and might as well jump into the fray once again. Kudos to Capcom for listening to its fans. Granted, it took them like 10 years, but hey, they listened. Better late than never.

  • milz

    i think this game is going to be a let down simply becuase the crap controls systems there guna implement also the fact its not going to be 3 v 3 and the fact its ONLY going to have 30 characters as MvC2 had a rooster of 50+ which was insane.. the act of the matter is that its going to be like a cheesy mortal kombat beat em up.. i bought TvC and i got so bored afta playin arcade mode 100times playin the same crappy boss over and over it did not offer anything else.

  • Eric

    Actually, Deadpool uses his lifebar as a weapon to hit his opponent.


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