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iPad 3G and WiFi: Magical and Revolutionary according to Apple

Apple has released a brand new advert for their iPad tablet device, which is fairly different to their usual approach to their commercial spots. This one sees the device labelled as ‘magical and revolutionary’ – do you agree?

As reported from Apple Insider, the video provides plenty of compliments to describe Apple’s new tablet device, asking viewers the question: What is iPad?

The video also reminds you that the iPad is a perfect portable device, allowing you to ‘take it anywhere’, while also touting it’s impressive battery life by stating that it ‘lasts forever’.

Do you think the iPad is magical though? It is fair to say that it is pretty revolutionary though – we have to agree with Apple on that part.

Watch the new video Ad below and give us your thoughts on it. Apple sure know how to gloat.


  • Sarah

    If it only ran Flash. If it ran Flash, the educational company I work for could sell another million of them simply to our educational customers. But since so much educational content is written in Flash, and no editorial content team is going to take the rewriting hit, we're waiting for the fix–or the Android tablet.

  • myles

    Maybe if the larger capacity model was priced at the lowest model, then this would be revolutionary. But as it stands, its an extremely over priced, over sized iphone that will not replace laptops and smaller notebooks.

    The potential is there, i could see this realling taking off, especially in the academic world on campuses and such (imagine if you could have all you textbooks/notes in that pad!?) but the price is ungodly.

    Its for rich people who are tired of their tiny ipods and phones and are itching to open another apple product.


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