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HTC EVO 4G: Sprint’s 4G prices and AT&T iPhone compared

Following on from Sprint’s announcement of the June 4th release date for their highly anticipated HTC EVO 4G handset, we thought we would ask for your opinions on Sprint’s higher than usual pricing for 4G data plans.

As reported from BGR, customers have the option of paying a total of $109.98 per month for the complete and unlimited data bundle from Sprint. While this may seem expensive to you at first, let’s break it down a little for you:

Sprint’s standard ‘Unlimited’ option – giving you unlimited voice, data, and SMS will cost you $69.99. Then add to that $29.99 for the Sprint 4G hotspot for tethering up to 8 devices at once. To make use of Sprint’s new 4G network speeds on the HTC EVO handset, you’ll need to pay an extra $10 on top of this.

All in all, that equals to the final $109.98 figure. This is cheaper in comparison to AT&T’s iPhone plan which costs you $119 for the unlimited package – now it doesn’t seem so bad right? Don’t forget that there isn’t a bandwidth cap on the data plans either, so it is even better for Sprint customers.

Do you think Sprint’s price plans for the HTC EVO 4G are reasonable or not? If you think that they are, be prepared for other carriers to follow suit with premium pricing, once their 4G networks are available for use – Verizon’s LTE for example.


  • sam

    Sprint also includes gps nav. and sprint tv at no cost if you have the Any Mobile, Any Time plan.
    (nav and sprint tv is not great but is free) I know Verizon charges 9.99 for gps nav. and 15 for mobile tv.


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