HTC EVO 4G or iPhone 4G? New Release Date Wars

Now that the dust has settled on the breaking announcement of the HTC EVO 4G release date on Sprint, we thought we would ask you for some feedback on this, since the phone will now be landing at a very busy period in the smartphone calendar.

If you didn’t know already, June 4th is now the confirmed date that the handset will be released – available for $199 on a two year contract.

Don’t forget that June 7th, just three days later, is the start of Apple’s big WWDC event in San Francisco, where the company are heavily tipped to finally announce release dates for the iPhone 4G handset.

It seems like you now have a pretty difficult decision in choosing which phone to pick up. If you were expecting the EVO 4G to land on June 13th as previously rumored, that would of given you a chance to see what Apple announce at WWDC – thus giving you a good heads up on both the iPhone 4G and EVO 4G.

However, now that the handset will be dropping ‘before’ the start of WWDC, will you still go for the HTC EVO 4G on launch date or hold off a few days or so to see if Apple’s iPhone 4G can tempt you away?

Give us your thoughts on this one, we’ve added a poll for you below.
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  • Rhonda

    i am a 13 yr sprint customer thats really tired of empty promises from sprint. the palm pre was to be the phone to end all phones. went through 5 in five monthes. no real updates. apps are miniscule and i spent a good chunk on that phone and sprint replaced it with a samsung moment. its worse than the palm pre. on my second one and this one is worse than the 1st. so thats 7 phones in 8 monthes. they refuse to stand behind their product and even though the evo looks amazing on paper….. they wont stand behind that device when it craps out. i need a new phone. the evo is practically staring me in the face i could have it in my hot little handsin 3 weeks. but i trust att and apple far more. it would be much easier to decide if i could compare the specs.

    • Absolutely not true Rhonda. They stand behind their products and that's why they offer insurance. My last 3 phones were HTC. when a new one comes out I get it. I have the hero now and would have just kept this forever, but the HTC EVO 4G that's coming out runs on the new 4G network and has 8 connections for wifi hotspot. I don't have any issues.

    • breethignmartyr

      look up the specs. apple is offering the a4 which is 256 ram. the evo has 512 ram. it has a snapdragon 1 ghz processor. so evo is faster. the new iphones screen will be smaller than its present one. the evo has the 4.3 inch screen. android is fully customizable. apples iphone is not. and the pre is not sprints fault but palms. they produced the crappy phone,sprint just had to deal with it. and if u r getting them replaced, they r dealing with it. once again, not sprint but the manufacturers problems that make the phones bad. i know , i have the pre as well. beautiful os, terrible phone


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